12 x Blackwing Volume 155 – Bauhaus Edition
Sonderedition / Limited Edition

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Der Blackwing Volume 155 ist eine Huldigung an das Staatliche Bauhaus. Obwohl in der kurzen Zeit seines Bestehens (1919 bis 1933) nur 155 Studenten ein Studium am Bauhaus abschlossen, ist der Einfluss seiner Lehre bis heute weltweit unermesslich und umfasst Architektur, Kunst, Design, Theater, Lebensstile.

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  • Blackwing Volume 155 – Bauhaus
  • Sechseckiger weißer Schaft
  • Aufdruck in schwarz, blau, rot, gelb
  • Schwarzer Radiergummihalter, gelber Radiergummi
  • Weiche Mine
  • 12 Bleistifte im Karton
  • Hergestellt in Japan
  • Maße: 20cm

When Walter Gropius published his Manifesto of the Staatliches Bauhaus in 1919, he declared that “there is no essential difference between the artist and the artisan.” In the years that would follow, his Bauhaus Art School would seek to tear down the wall that had been built between the fine and applied arts.
From 1919 to its premature end in 1933, members of the Bauhaus movement created iconic modern art including chairs, buildings, paintings, and sculptures.
Though only 155 students graduated with a diploma from the school, its philosophy has had an immeasurable impact on artists around the world.

Each pencil features Blackwing's soft graphite core and a design inspired by the simple shapes and colors that have become a hallmark of the "Bauhaus style".

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  • Blackwing Volume 155 – Bauhaus
  • black, red, blue and yellow shapes on white background
  • black ferrule with yellow eraser
  • Soft lead
  • 12 pencils in a box
  • Made in Japan
  • Size: 20cm


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